Sandy Roumagoux Northwest Painter

Current Show

Sandy Roumagoux is currently being represented by Michael Parsons Fine Art in Portland, Oregon, just across the street from the Portland Art Museum. Michael Parsons says, "Roumagoux's paintings are often thinly painted creations, with thicker impasto layers used to great expressive effect. Especially interesting is the reductive nature of her work, eliminating extraneous detail from her compositions, to arrive at a finished work offers the scenic elements which most interest her.

There is often great sophistication in Roumagoux's paintings, illustrating the point that what may at first appear simple, will reward the viewer who lingers that extra moment and discovers the deeper beauty present in her work. It is this tension between an almost naive spontaneity of expression and understated sophistication, along with the genuine beauty of her rich color sense, which first drew me to her work, long ago."

Michael Parson's Fine Art Gallery artist Melinda Thorsnes offers the following thought: "Sandy's work is always powerful, insightful, and exceptional. Her mastery of paint and color combined with her curious and probing mind have made her one of Oregon's most treasured artists. Poetic in her love of nature and passionate about her art, her work shows a love for the environment, and a willingness to expose ideas. She is the quintessential painter's painter and thinker's thinker and with every exhibition she continues to amaze and delight her devoted fans."

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Recent Acquisitions

Heaven Bound

Trestle, by Sandy Roumagoux, acquired by Hallie Ford Museum, Salem, Willamette University

Ground Cover by Sandy Roumagoux

Ground Cover, by Sandy Roumagoux, acquired by the Portland Art Museum