Sandy Roumagoux Northwest Painter


The art of oil painting has fascinated me since I first walked into a painter’s studio when I was a young child.  The magic and mystery of the oil painting process combined with the work of learning the craft of painting has fascinated me my entire life.  I have never grown tired of walking into my studio, laying out my palette and brushes.  For years I studied in small private studio groups in addition to my university painting studies.  

I feel fortunate that I have been able to pursue this lifetime journey of paint.  I use a limited palette with warm and cool primary colors with the addition of white.  I do not use black from the tube because I mix complements to establish my darks.  Combining my love of paint with the landscape of the Pacific Northwest gives me unlimited subject matter and challenges.

Heaven Bound, the Book

Heaven Bound

21 paintings by Sandy Roumagoux
21 poems by James Fleming

Heaven Bound, the collaboration of Sandy Roumagoux's paintings and Jim Fleming's poems comes from a bonded pair who knew each other intimately, not in the biblical sense, but with the unison of souls painters and poets have had since before creation...

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