Sandy Roumagoux Northwest Painter

Mostly Dogs

I love dogs.  I am a dog person and have been owned by many dogs throughout my life. Because of the relationship of the dog to us as humans, they are a perfect symbol to hang humanity’s foibles.  In my paintings I juxtapose this ownership of another living being with humanity’s “ownership” of the environment.  

The dogs (many are drooling) are the central figures in my  landscape paintings as a disruption to the traditional landscape. The dog  engages us to look at our relationship to the environment.  These paintings walk an intentional fine line between cliche and environmental commentary.

Heaven Bound, the Book

Heaven Bound

21 paintings by Sandy Roumagoux
21 poems by James Fleming

Heaven Bound, the collaboration of Sandy Roumagoux's paintings and Jim Fleming's poems comes from a bonded pair who knew each other intimately, not in the biblical sense, but with the unison of souls painters and poets have had since before creation...

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